Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surfing My Way

This is not a travel blog!

Because I am not traveling anywhere except inside from dependency to independence. Although it is happening in a foreign country, Argentina, and in an
international city, Buenos Aires.

Also I don't have anything nice to say about Buenos Aires in the same way as the New York Times Travel Section or more recently NBC's Today Show which lathers
the place so strongly that you wonder if they're talking about the same city.

However folks interested in Buenos Aires ought to gain some information about
the local customs, people, weather, and economic conditions from reading this blog.

Posted on this page is an example of my sketching ability, which is not great and not terrible, but aiming at cheeky and irreverent like the person I am. (The subject is the artist's conception of Hillary Clinton's speech at the Wellesley College graduation day in 1969, the upskirt version). I play guitar at the amateur level, and oh yes I write a little.

Oh getting here... yes I took the plane out of Miami on the end of January 2008. The price was insanely low. Later I found out that the price of leaving may be impossible to pay, which exactly means what? That is what this blog is about.

I had things too cushy in the United States being poor and working in the film business. Knowing the language and the customs of the greatest country in the world, The United States, wasn't helping me much. I used that language to avoid doing the real stuff: earning a real living would be one direction that could have kept me in the USA.

Film jobs don't pay all that much for most of the workers. Only the top film budgets can afford to pay a decent livable wage, and during strikes there is no wage for most of these people. They joined me earning almost nothing during 2007. Then the other shoe dropped in my set up. My mentor/teacher protector roommate...had enough of my lazy mooching ways and cut me loose to find myself...or not!

With the prospect of being another poor, homeless film worker in the USA, I tried for a more interesting gamble। How about if I learn to take care of myself and completely start over? Working my way out of a bad situation and with a real reason, getting back to the shining city on the hill, ought to get the juices flowing--this was the thinking. So this is a story happening in real time and in a real place. In other words:
I am a Camera
Sorry, I couldn't resist that. Those words open the work of my favorite author Christopher Isherwood, who's material was fashioned into the 1972 movie "Cabaret", a favorite film.

Now the update of that phrase is probably, "I am a Computer, assembling data for later use, search, and archive."

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